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EFFECTIVE January 1, 2024: 

Sandpiper no longer issues same-day check or store credit payouts. 

Please allow at least 7 days to issue payouts.  

We no longer access account balances during store hours. 

Store credit payouts require 3-day advance request, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  

Requested checks not picked up after 3 weeks will incur a $15 reissuance fee.

Payout/Pick-Up Requests must be submitted either:

  1. At the Online Consignor Portal above.

  2. Email to

  3. Complete our request form at Sandpiper boutique.


CONSIGNOR Inquiries, including Payout/Unsold Item Requests to should include:

  1. Full name.

  2. Email + Phone number.

  3. Detailed request with all relevant info.

  4. Consignment end date, if known.

  5. Mailing address, if applicable.


  • Items not retrieved by stated deadlines will become the property of Sandpiper.   

  • Sandpiper does not hold unretrieved items dropped off for review OR expired items after stated deadlines.    We do not send notifications or reminders to pick-up items.   


  • It is solely your responsibility to contact Sandpiper in advance of stated deadlines to request an exception to any policy.  

  • Checks should be deposited promptly.   Checks expire 30 days after issuance.   Reissued checks will incur a $30 stop payment fee.

Sandpiper’s guidelines are designed to avoid loss/damage and ensure a convenient and efficient process for our consignors and our staff.   

Thank you for respecting our policies.



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